Spotting Mold

Spotting Hidden Mold In Your Home

Spotting mold on the walls and floors throughout the house is typically rather easy, but hidden mold is much harder to find, ultimately making mold removal even harder. There are many signs to look for when you think mold may be hidden in places such as behind wallpaper or on the top side of ceiling tiles hidden from view, but no matter the location all mold begins with moisture and warmth.

One of the first signs of mold and the need for mold removal services is what may seem like a typical “basement” smell – a musty or moldy smell. When thismold inspections smell is present, it is a sign of conditions that are prime for mold growth and development, since mold spores thrive in warm, moist, dark areas – such as basements, attics, closets and along baseboards throughout the house.

Hidden mold also may be found inside the walls of your home, especially around pipes since moisture is common in these areas. Any surface that is subject to moisture – either natural or accidental – is subject to becoming a bedding ground for mold spores, and these hidden areas can make mold removal and mold remediation projects quite difficult to handle appropriately.

One of the biggest problems of mold removal and mold remediation projects is the potential for the spread of the hazardous mold spores throughout the home. For example, if mold is present on the backside of wallpaper – obviously hidden from sight – when it is torn away from the wall, any mold on the backside can be released into the air and continue to spread. If you suspect mold may be present on the wallpaper – either because of the smell in the room without the visible presence of mold or through mold stains showing through on the front of the wallpaper – the EPA recommends hiring professional mold removal experts.

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